March 25, 2008

Ron Paul, John McCain Still Neck & Neck in Real Interest

After all the finality that the McCain camp and the mainstream media have put on the GOP race, renegade Republican Ron Paul is still in a tight race with John McCain in public interest and curiosity.

Despite massively unequal facetime and coverage across the country, Dr. No and John "I'd like to be a Bush too" McCain show up in Google as follows:

Too bad for John McCain.

December 2, 2007

Ron Paul Deleted from GOP Results: Provides Proof

Here is another example of how the status of Ron Paul's popularity has been grossly mis-reported.

In this case, the mainstream crowd thinks it can actually remove Ron Paul from the GOP straw poll results without anyone noticing. As if we haven't heard of "freedom of information", "honesty", or "the internets."

According to current Straw Poll results, support for Ron Paul does not even exist. Yet, in earlier results, he is totally in first place. SO, either his support has vanished into non-existence overnight, or someone has been playing around with their delete key...

Here's the scoop:

Check out the GOP Straw Polls latest results:

Notice that Ron Paul isn't anywhere to be seen. Now check out the results as seen in on August 25:

As you can see, Ron Paul blew everyone away, so they simply removed all those ballots from the system.


(Thanks to Papa Jim for the lead on this story...)

Ron Paul Doesn't Fart - Smells Better than Other Candidates?

According to a bizarre look at the slate of Presidential hopefuls for the 2008 election, Ron Paul does not fart! Why? Because its not in the constitution. :)

This is a funny evaluation of the different candidates - John McCain especially!

Note: There are ads from different candidates that appear on the side bar of this fart site (wtf?) from time to time - perhaps a good way to spend the ad budgets of candidates who think you're gullible enough to vote based on paid ads?!

November 28, 2007

How To Actually Get Ron Paul as President

Regardless of how passionately you feel about Ron Paul's message or about the stupidity of every other candidate, your feelings really don't matter when it comes to selecting the next US President or shaping the next 50 years of human history. Unless Ron Paul ACTUALLY BECOMES PRESIDENT.

But how does that ACTUALLY happen?

You may not like it, but this means you may actually need to DO something. It is easy to sit at home and have strong feelings, but strong feelings without and STRONG ACTION will actually accomplish nothing.

That's right: nothing.

So, what is "strong action"?

It is remarkably simple. There are 2 important steps.

#1) Paul must win the Republican nomination. The ONLY way that you can help this happen is to work from WITHIN the party. (Yes, this may offend your sensibilities and yes, this means you have to actually do something. This is the true test of the strength of people's supposed convictions.)

How to get it done:
  • Get a Republican membership
  • Vote for Ron Paul within the Republican Party
  • Get every friend you know (smart friends with views like yours) to ACTUALLY do the same

Ron Paul must win the Presidential election. The ONLY way that this can happen is to get more votes than the Democratic candidate. Note: This question is 100% theoretical until Step #1 is completed, which involves you ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING CONCRETE about converting your strong feelings into strong actions. Possibly something you wouldn't normally do.

How to get it done:
  • Vote for Ron Paul
  • Get every friend you've ever heard complain about ANY political issue to ACTUALLY do the same

There are two popular fallacies that need to be exposed:

1) HAVING STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT POLITICS MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT REAL ACTION TO EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS. Action takes work, and work is what will help keep idiots like Giuliani, McCain, and Clinton ACTUALLY out of office.

2) Activities like making donations, cheering, attending rallies, holding debates, voting in Digg and holding strong opinions alone have NO IMPACT on choosing the next US President. The ONLY way to help put a smart candidate in office is to ACTUALLY follow Steps #1 and #2. (Oh, and to do all that other stuff too.)

Danger Warning:

If you are an "Internet Ron Paul supporter", a supposedly flimsy and naive idealist, there is only one way to prove the power of your views. It involves actually doing things; things you may not actually want to do (SPECIFICALLY, helping to swing the vote WITHIN the Republican party.)

Please, if you find power within this message and believe that it holds the key to REAL CHANGE for the nation and the future, share this message with your friends and help make a REAL CHANGE in 2008.

Thank you.

Ron Paul Ignored on YouTube Debate

The Republican Presidential candidates participated in a 2 hour debate this evening entertaining questions from people as submitted via YouTube. Ron Paul was present in the debate, and was even included in the debate. Yet, the gaps in coverage for Dr. Paul between questions stretched on and on and on.

Giuliani, Romney, and McCain were given substantial coverage. Ron Paul's typical piece of coverage was merely indicating to the Master of Ceremonies that he had an answer to the question that was at least 10 times smarter than those of the other candidates. But, that was all the camera time he got.

Still, the fact that he was included is already a big victory for the Ron Paul campaign!

Oh, and Giuliani got to get "good press" by talking about his preference for the Yankee's over the Boston Red Sox!

October 6, 2007

Ron Paul vs Rudy Giuliani

Ron Paul holds a substantial lead in Google searches over Rudy Giuliani. Still, in news searches (the lower graph, above), Mr. Giuliani holds a substantial lead over Mr. Paul. This is puzzling, as it would seem to be common sense for news writers and publishers to cover electoral topics in proportion to the issues sought by the public.

It will be curious to track this ratio in the lead-up to the 2008 election. Will the mainstream news media catch up with public demand in its coverage of the Paul campaign, or will this gap become history's key enigma of the 2008 election?


Ron Paul vs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton lags behind Ron Paul in Google searches, but shows an upward trend. Regardless, overall interest in both Presidential hopefuls is up over the past 12 months.

Interestingly, in the breakdown of cities that look up Hillary Clinton in Google, a huge imbalance appears within Washington D.C. (below), perhaps indicating that the Washington establishment is more wrapped up in Mrs. Clinton than the rest of the country?