November 28, 2007

How To Actually Get Ron Paul as President

Regardless of how passionately you feel about Ron Paul's message or about the stupidity of every other candidate, your feelings really don't matter when it comes to selecting the next US President or shaping the next 50 years of human history. Unless Ron Paul ACTUALLY BECOMES PRESIDENT.

But how does that ACTUALLY happen?

You may not like it, but this means you may actually need to DO something. It is easy to sit at home and have strong feelings, but strong feelings without and STRONG ACTION will actually accomplish nothing.

That's right: nothing.

So, what is "strong action"?

It is remarkably simple. There are 2 important steps.

#1) Paul must win the Republican nomination. The ONLY way that you can help this happen is to work from WITHIN the party. (Yes, this may offend your sensibilities and yes, this means you have to actually do something. This is the true test of the strength of people's supposed convictions.)

How to get it done:
  • Get a Republican membership
  • Vote for Ron Paul within the Republican Party
  • Get every friend you know (smart friends with views like yours) to ACTUALLY do the same

Ron Paul must win the Presidential election. The ONLY way that this can happen is to get more votes than the Democratic candidate. Note: This question is 100% theoretical until Step #1 is completed, which involves you ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING CONCRETE about converting your strong feelings into strong actions. Possibly something you wouldn't normally do.

How to get it done:
  • Vote for Ron Paul
  • Get every friend you've ever heard complain about ANY political issue to ACTUALLY do the same

There are two popular fallacies that need to be exposed:

1) HAVING STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT POLITICS MEANS NOTHING WITHOUT REAL ACTION TO EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS. Action takes work, and work is what will help keep idiots like Giuliani, McCain, and Clinton ACTUALLY out of office.

2) Activities like making donations, cheering, attending rallies, holding debates, voting in Digg and holding strong opinions alone have NO IMPACT on choosing the next US President. The ONLY way to help put a smart candidate in office is to ACTUALLY follow Steps #1 and #2. (Oh, and to do all that other stuff too.)

Danger Warning:

If you are an "Internet Ron Paul supporter", a supposedly flimsy and naive idealist, there is only one way to prove the power of your views. It involves actually doing things; things you may not actually want to do (SPECIFICALLY, helping to swing the vote WITHIN the Republican party.)

Please, if you find power within this message and believe that it holds the key to REAL CHANGE for the nation and the future, share this message with your friends and help make a REAL CHANGE in 2008.

Thank you.