December 2, 2007

Ron Paul Deleted from GOP Results: Provides Proof

Here is another example of how the status of Ron Paul's popularity has been grossly mis-reported.

In this case, the mainstream crowd thinks it can actually remove Ron Paul from the GOP straw poll results without anyone noticing. As if we haven't heard of "freedom of information", "honesty", or "the internets."

According to current Straw Poll results, support for Ron Paul does not even exist. Yet, in earlier results, he is totally in first place. SO, either his support has vanished into non-existence overnight, or someone has been playing around with their delete key...

Here's the scoop:

Check out the GOP Straw Polls latest results:

Notice that Ron Paul isn't anywhere to be seen. Now check out the results as seen in on August 25:

As you can see, Ron Paul blew everyone away, so they simply removed all those ballots from the system.


(Thanks to Papa Jim for the lead on this story...)